Welcome to Flight Hoody®!

The easiest to use vision restriction device ever designed...


Features of The Hoody®

    - Provides a complete view of even the most sophisticated instrument panel
    - Weighs less than 2 oz
    - Stores easily in a flight bag with the flaps folded in
    - The Hoody® fits most caps
    - No hooks, no clips, just slips on and off
    - Easily molds to the bill of your favorite cap

A Hoody® Testimonial

    Hi Steve, we spoke a bit back as I have been working on my IFR rating and purchased one of your Hoodys®. Well, it worked fabulously and this past weekend I took my exam and passed. I am now an IFR rated pilot. This was a big accomplishment for me as I am no spring chicken. I turn 65 on March 2nd, but feel more like 35!

    Anyway, your Hoody® was a big help as it let me fly under the hood with my glasses much better than anything else I have tried.

    Thanks again!

    Susan - Sarasota Florida


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